The new character Juhani is out! He is an Inquisitor like Max and Blaise, so his story may be related to Redgrave as well. We’ll see why later.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Redgrave R3: Year 2814 – Investigation


“I know what you have done. I will surely destroy you.” Mia laughed. Redgrave had a very authentic feeling that her neck was tightly grabbed and Mia was speaking to her – this was because she had synchronized with Greibach’s Sensory record. Despite her fear of death, she was still trying to analyze the case with rational thinkings.

Redgrave fainted so her secretary, Marinella, called a doctor. The doctor said that she had suffered from “a data overload” but she would be fine, and follow-up consultation would be needed. As Redgrave woke up, she immediately contacted the Public Security Department. She suspected that the Sensory record from Greibach had been tampered.

The investigators in the Department responsible for the “suicide” case were Renton and Mr. Browning (who was the father of David Browning). Renton insisted that the case was a suicide – an aged scientist decided to end his own life by his invention. Redgrave, however, maintained that Mia the Automata was controlled and manipulated, causing her to kill Greibach. Renton didn’t dare to express his disagreement candidly, since he didn’t want to aggravate a senior. Such “play-safe” attitude was what Redgrave couldn’t stand the most.


Greibach had kept 20 Automata in his home, all of those were crafted by himself. 16 of them had been fully destroyed when Greibach was killed. 2 of them were lent for an exhibition and had been retrieved. Where were the last two then?

The Security Department reported to her that Melchior had inherited the last two Automata right after Greibach were killed. Melchior had been put in detention, but the interrogation didn’t go well. Redgrave therefore decided to visit him in person.


Redgrave greeted Melchior dearly in the detention room. They hadn’t seen each other for years, and Redgrave found that he had aged a lot – too much for a high-ranked engineer with his DNA modified. She then asked the two investigators to leave the room so that they could talk privately.

“You have to take care of yourself. How can your research progress if you’re not in good condition?” Redgrave kindly suggested.

“I don’t care about the future. I’m just one step away from a great success!” Melchior was not making eye contact with Redgrave.

“Then, do you know why you got those Automata from Greibach?” Redgrave asked.

“No – I’ve told the investigators that I know nothing. Let me go back to my lab and finish my work! If my experiment is successful, all the mankind will change!” Melchior insisted. Redgrave knew him very well – Melchior was a very introverted, self-centered person. He was only interested in his own research.

“If you know nothing, are you saying that someone fabricated evidence against you then?”

“That’s the investigators’ business, not mine! You don’t understand the importance of my research – merely the death of a person cannot stop me!” Melchior looked like a mad scientist, but Redgrave was then interested in the content of his research.

Redgrave agreed to let him go, but he had to be surveilled by the investigators. Melchior agreed. “That criminal killed Greibach and claimed that he would also destroy me. He fabricated evidence against you. I’m worried about you, my friend.”

Redgrave left the detention room and ordered, “Let Melchior go, but watch him closely. Report to me regularly.”


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