Update 30/6/2016Marinella has been released as a new character!


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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Redgrave R1: Year 2814 – Suicide



(Major part of the story has been disclosed in the first half of this post, so I’ll only put the rest here)

Redgrave had been the head governor for 20 years now. Her policies had been running smoothly, and her people liked her.

Everything seemed peaceful – that’s why she was surprised when her secretary, Marinella, reported to her that Greibach had committed suicide. Greibach and Melchior did have some difficulties in their respective researches for a while, but they were not the type of persons who would commit suicide so easily, she thought. She decided to talk about this case with the head of the public safety department.


Redgrave R2: Year 2814 – Record


The trio in the story was like super-computers – their memory and senses were entirely recorded and saved (which was called “Sensory Record”). Some high-ranked scientists were used to copy their Sensory Record into Automata as a back-up, but Greibach didn’t do so before his death.

Redgrave was watching the 3D images of Greibach’s death scene, and she did visit the death scene in person. She found that the scene was a mess which was totally different from the 3D images she watched earlier. However, Marinella didn’t find any sign of intrusion. Redgrave decided to synchronize with Greibach’s Sensory record so that she could feel and experience what he had encountered right before his death.

On the day of his death, Greibach was working on his research of Automata as usual. He had two Automata assistants. One of them was called Mia, another was Walken. Mia was cleaning up the plates after dinner, but she slipped the plates onto the ground. She then asked Greibach out of a sudden,

“Master, are you the real Master?”

“Sure,” so did Greibach reply.

“No, you’re not the Master,” said Mia. She then attacked Greibach, grasped his neck tightly and lifted his body. As Greibach began to lose his consciousness, Redgrave could hear a laughter from a certain Automata.



Redgrave’s R3 and R4 story will be long, so I’ll stop here. See you next time!