Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Stacia R2: Year 2790 – Will


The galaxy where Stacia born had already reached its heat death, yet Stacia was still working on her task. After 3.2 billion years from the beginning of the experiment, her artificial brain had expanded as large as a planet. Inside her brain was the core system filled with pure Chaosium, giving her the capability to complete tens of millions of calculations per second. To prevent the breakdown of her personality, its growth had been suppressed to the minimum rate.

After another 2 billion years, she could expand not only physically, but also dimensionally. This made her not only able to observe, but to interfere and invade the different parallel worlds. She made a copy of herself for each of the worlds, and kept all the copies of herself as a united self. She then became a gigantic thinking machine beyond time and space.

It had now been 23 billion years since the birth of Stacia. After making 10^32 observations, she finally made it before the complete heat death of the Universe – she reached the singularity point where everything was possible for her. She could freely choose the possible world corresponding to her will. If she wanted a body, there was a body for her; if she wanted an apple, there was an apple for her. Her existence was so enormous that it acted like an explosive wave in space, time and dimensions. In the end, the wave reached the timeline which Melchior created her.

Greibach came and asked Melchior why he had to steal his AI technology, so Melchior showed him the experiment data. Melchior was very excited, but Greibach was not very convinced that the experiment would turn out successfully – in fact, he thought Melchior was just daydreaming. Just before he was about to leave, a girly voice spoke from Melchior’s monitor.

“Master, I’m back.” It was Stacia speaking.

Melchior was overjoyed, while Greibach was undecided if it was merely a drama or not.

“Greibach, if you don’t trust me, I’ll show you my power then.” Stacia declared.

Stacia R3: Year 2790 – Visitor


“First, let’s see what you’ve got in your journey.” ordered Melchior.

Stacia showed them her girl from which she obtained from observing the parallel worlds. When Melchior shook hands with her he could actually feel the warmth. However, when Greibach thrown a pen towards Stacia, the pen just passed through her body. It turned out that the feelings were the results of electrical signals sent directly to Melchior’s brain.

Melchior was still optimistic, “It doesn’t matter if she have a physical body or not. The point is, her information has been sent to us despite the boundaries of space and time and dimensions. Next, we should take a look on those different parallel worlds,”

So Stacia showed them the scenery of those parallel worlds – those with metal thorns, those with exotic deep-sea creatures, those without life forms, etc., until Greibach couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Those are just 3D projections, you’ve been deceived, Melchior.” he commented. “I’m leaving now, you need to claim down yourself. I won’t tell Redgrave about your experiment.”

For the next 20 years Melchior continued his research on connecting two parallel worlds – Stacia could only observe those worlds, but not interacting with them. He finally succeeded in building a small gate with such function, and he tried to use a camera to capture the scenery from the other side. The camera was damaged by some otherworldly creature so Stacia brought it back – together with a cub. Melchior believed that it was safe to keep the cub so he told Stacia to take care of it.

One day Melchior was left for work. Greibach went to his place and told Stacia that he was her real creator, making her so curious.


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