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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!


In the Twilight Age, the mankind had acquired superb technology, especially in the production of Automata. These Automata were so advanced that they could even replace human and do their jobs. As a result, the mankind began to slack off and stopped working for improvement. Some scientists were worried about this and they decided to carry out a revolution on the mankind. They genetically modified their experimental subject, gave them the best genes and education, and hoped that the resulted humans would lead the rest of the mankind to their advancement.

MelchiorGreibach and Redgrave were the three experimental subjects chosen particularly for this mission. Melchior was an introverted scientist interested in the research of Chaosium – an energy source which was widely used. Greibach was an engineer of Automata. He wanted to create a world which Automata and human could live together peacefully. And finally, Redgrave was a specialist in sociology who became a politic leader in Pandemonium. While she was benevolent to her people, she always made her decisions by rationality but not personal feelings – her philosophy is to root out those who were incapable in the society.

Stacia R1: Year 2790 – Journey


Melchior had created an AI (artificial intelligence) called Stacia, and he was about to send her to Space. He was briefing her the objective of this experiment.

Melchior had found his crush on Redgrave at a very young age. However, he also knew that he could never have her, because Greibach had been dating her already. He cursed the world for his misfortune. In agony and hopelessness, Melchior dedicated his greatest experiment to Redgrave as a revenge to the world.

He stole a copy of Redgrave’s sensory records of her 12 years old (engineers were used to save their senses as computer files regularly), and the AI technology from Greibach. With both of them, he created an AI closely resemble Redgrave – but he also added some of his personal elements into it. Therefore, Stacia was a projection of Redgrave and himself.

The brain of Stacia was made of Chaosium and was capable of self-repairing. Furthermore, Melchior had put a chip on Stacia to make her obey his orders. This chip was designed in the way that Stacia could not detect its existence – Melchior was not sure if this would work after the experiment, but he put it on anyway.

In this experiment, Stacia would be observing all the parallel worlds. Among all these numerous worlds, there should be one which the corresponding Stacia did have the ultimate power to control everything. Stacia had to identify this particular parallel world and manipulate it, then report it to Melchior.

The said process must not be disturbed by anyone or anything, thus Stacia had to be sent to the outer Space and stay in the void – she had to be isolated from other phenomena. Stacia asked how long would this experiment take, and Melchoir said that the observation process would take her about twenty billion years. Stacia could not turn back time, but instead she could just choose to manipulate a world which the experiment was immediately done and report it to Melchoir.

The rocket taking Stacia to the Space was then successfully launched. Melchoir was exhausted so he was going to take a nap – just before he was about to do so, Greibach came and paid him a visit.