Warning: the following content may contain spoiler!

In the first post here I’d like to talk about Chaosium, which will be an important term throughout the story of Unlight. If you have played the game for a while, you should know that 3 pieces of Chaosium are required to level your R4 card to R5. However, Chaosium is not merely an ingredient for you to level your cards.


In the world of Unlight, it’s generally believed that parallel worlds exist as a result of random processes. If you roll an die, such action would produce 6 parallel worlds – one for each possible outcome. If you roll a batch of dice all at once, a large number of parallel worlds would be resulted. Most of the world would have almost-even number for each outcome (i.e. 1/6 of them are “1”s, 1/6 of them are “2”s, and so on), which should be your expectation. However, there is still an extremely slim chance that all the dice would land on “6”, and such rare occurrence corresponds to an unexpected parallel world.

While it’s impossible to roll all the “6”s by sheer luck (unless you’re Dino), you can still make it happen by the power of Chaosium. Chaosium is the fundamental particle of probability. If you have control on Chaosium, it would be possible to observe all the parallel worlds as possible outcomes, and pick the one you want the most as reality. That’s why many scientists and engineers (including a certain one whose name starts with M) are interested in the investigation of Chaosium.

Those who are “contaminated” by Chaosium would gain supernatural abilities (many Regiment members are examples).

In the Twilight Age (around the Year 2800), Chaosium is commonly used as an energy source, especially for the powering of Automata. Automata are human-like robots with delicate artificial intelligence (AI) which are designed to perform different tasks. The interaction between humans and Automata is one of the major themes in the stories. (Out of the current 66 characters, more than 10 are Automata. Can you spot them all?)

I’m getting tired so that’s all for today! I shall talk about Redgrave or Stacia or both, in the next post, since they’re closely related to the topic above.